Completed Projects

Bolivia----There were two separate projects in Bolivia, one in 2001-2003 and one in 2013.

  • 2001-2003. This project was in the Vice-Ministry of Basic Services in the area of water and sanitation. As part of a larger project, developed prototype software for managing water and sanitation activities for all of Bolivia's villages and towns.
  • 2013--This project provided budgeting and management assistance to the NUR University in Santa Cruz.

Philippines-- This activity represents two projects in Northern Luzon in 2012. Each project lasted two weeks and involved assisting the communities of Alicia, Isabella Province and Diffun, Quirino Province to install and use business taxation software and to provide other management advice.

China-- The activities in China were made up of several projects, some of which were inter-related. The activities took place between 1997-2008.

  • In 1997-2008 worked as an Information Technology specialist in the China-Canada Cooperation Project in Cleaner Production. The project introduced cleaner production/pollution prevention technologies (process re-engineering) into factories in the pulp and paper, fertilizer, PVC, alcohol, petroleum and metallurgy industries. Working closely with the National Project Office, set up desk-top computer systems at 7 sites in Beijing and Anhui province, established communications and developed a Chinese-English cleaner Production Web Site. Also advised on management procedures and developed small database applications with Chinese-English interfaces to measure project impact. Production--National Development and Reform Commission.
  • For 2004-2008 served as an Information Technology and Communications Specialist in the China-Canada Agricultural Development Programme in the Ministry of Agriculture. Redesigned and upgraded the management of an existing website.
  • In 2007 served as an Information Technology consultant on a distance-education project to assist the central government staff training college.
  • In 2005-2008 served as an information technology specialist/economist in the Ministry of Commerce. Provided training, managed study tours and advised on Information Technology on a project to implement World Trade Organization (WTO) transparency requirements.

Brunei-- In 2001 carried out an analysis of management procedures and data needs for the Department of Agriculture.

International Narcotics Control Board (INCB)-- Between 1999-2000 Carried out a study for the INCB on the Supply and Demand for Opiates for Medicinal and Scientific purposes. The study recommended major changes in the procedures for collecting and analyzing supply and demand data--many of the recommendations were accepted and implemented.

South Africa--In 1999-2000 worked as a business analyst designing the software application in a project to develop a major management system (database) for the South African Qualilifications Authority (SAQA). The database was designed to manage the National Qualifications Framework and to track the educational and training achievements of some 20 million South African learners.

Y2K/GPS Rollover-- With funding from the World Bank, in 1999-2000 developed and maintained a website in seven languages (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese and Russian) to assist computer users in developing countries to modify their operating systems and existing software to deal with the Y2K phenomenon and the lesser known GPS/Rollover.

International Development Research Centre (IDRC)-- Between 1993-1997 carried out two main main projects:

  • Between 1993-1994 completed development of a data base application for the preparation and management of project completion reports for the evaluation unit.
  • Between 1993-1997 Carried out several consultancies on management problems, including developing procedures to link financial and project management data  and uploading the reconciled data into a single data base application.

Rwanda--Undertook two very different consultancies in Rwanda in 1993-1994.

  • In 1993 designed an office automation project for the ministry of Planning. Aslo consulted on organization and methods in the ministry. the project was never completed, it was interrupted by the genocide in 1994.
  • In 1994 was a member of the first UN team to return to Rwanda after the genocide. Advised on information technology requirements for  coping with resettlement of populations who survived the genocide.

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)-- In 1994 prepared a detailed confidential "How To" manual on growing opium on peasant farms in the Pakistan/Afghanistan area.

India--In 1993 served as the agricultural economist/business analyst on a project assessing the status of licit opium production and processing in India. The team uncovered a problem with the management of the recording of opium supplies which resulted in a major reevaluation of opium stocks and led to changes in legislation in India. 

UNHCR-- Between 1992-1994 Carried out several consultancies at UNHCR Headquarters on management procedures and the use of data in management. Also cosolidated data from different systems to operate in a single system.

Pakistan-- Between 1991-1992 designed and prepared the project document for the Dir Development Project Phase 2 which was designed to identify replacement crops for opium in the Dir District, North West Frontier Province, Pakistan.

World Bank--In 1990-1991 developed a data base system for monitoring evaluations for the Project Evaluation Unit.

Burundi-- In 1990 developed management software for the Government of Burundi.