Company Profile/Contacts

GRI was established in January 1990. Since then it has participated in projects in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe and North America. Originally established as an information technology company, GRI is now concentrating more on the economic aspects of agriculture, nutrition and health in economic development,  marrying economics and information technology, including GIS,  in its work. Recent work has concentrated on linking national, sub-national and OpenStreetMap data for project identification, planning, management and evaluation.

GRI operates with a small core staff and calls on the services of other independent consultants for specific projects. We have access to other specialists in various fields of agriculture, information technology, GIS and health.  In addition GRI and its associates have extensive experience in all phases of project planning and implementation. We have access to consultants who work in  English, French and Spanish.

GRI manages a web site at which provides links to national, sub-national and OpenStreetMap data sources as well as providing training material on linking and analyzing data. The links are of particular interest to individuals involved in identifying, planning, managing and evaluating projects in developing countries.

Contact Information
Postal Address: 1506--350 Queen Elizabeth Drive, Ottawa, ON, K1S 3N1, Canada