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Ongoing Projects

What is GRI? -- GRI has provided business analyst services to development projects in Africa, Asia, Latin American, Europe and North America since 1990. The work has included software design and development of application prototypes, data collection and analysis as well as project design, development, implementation and general management consulting. The range of projects has included developing software prototypes for water supply management, desert management, pollution prevention, and education reform. Other activities include the promotion of early adoption of desktop computers and communications, and management in sectors as diverse as agriculture, desertification, pollution prevention, regional development, narcotics control, water and sanitation.Two ongoing projects are described briefly below and in more detail in links to the project introductions below.

A brief description of the main completed projects is available at Projects .


Village Map With LegendVillage Management-- This project is designed to provide a methodology based on open source (free) software and mapping  applications  (OpenStreetMaps and QGIS) to assist villages and small municipalities in both industrialized and developing economies to map and manage aspects of infrastructure, education, health, policing, etc. using mapping and off-line databases which include location data derived from the mapping. The methodology is being developed using mapping of First Nations settlements in Canada. The map (left)based on a First Nations location on OpenStreetMaps shows some of the detail available. An existing website is being updated to provide links to the necessary software and training materials.

More detailed information on the Town/Village development project is available at Village Project.


World Population Pyramid 2020 and 2050Tipping Points-- This project examines the impact of four main "tipping points" on the global economy and for individual countries from 2030 to 2050. The tipping points are the Covid-19 pandemic, climate change, China's belt and road initiative and the growing isolationism (America first) and political instability in the USA. These will be examined in the context of population and other data projections by international organizations, such as the UN Population Division populations projections (left). An existing website is being updated to provide links to the data and methodologies being used in the project.

More detailed information on the Global Tipping Points development project is available at Tipping Points Project.

Completed Projects and Administration


China: Testing a ComputerCompleted Projects-- GRI was involved in variety of projects in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe and North America. Several projects have been carried out by GRI and its hired consultants, while for many of the larger projects GRI provided consulting on the information technology and training aspects.The work has been varied involving training, software development, web site development, data management and data analysis. The picture (left) shows the installation of the first computer installed by the China Canada Cooperation Project in Cleaner Production which ran from 1997 to 2006.

More detailed information on a selection of the completed projects is available at Completed Projects.


GRI LogoStaffing/Contact Us-- The staffing pages provide links to the CVs of consultants currently working with GRI. While the Company page provides additional details on GRI and contact information.

More detailed information on the organization and staffing as well as contact information is available at Contacts for information on GRI and at Staff for information on staff.

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